11: Melissa and I think we are hilarious

“Did we just become best friends?!”

I’ve known Tony for 20 years but his wife is my new favorite gal pal. We talk about:

  • Us being banned a bunch of times for Facebook comments

  • Meeting mom friends but then things get weird

  • We create a new character that is a real estate agent that thinks he can win fights, isn’t afraid of blood but is afraid of the dark and a bunch of cool things

  • Texas vs. Florida

  • Robots

  • Day Drinking with Seth and Lizzo

  • New careers: Ancient Alien Theorist and Paranormal Sketch Artist

  • Roasting Tony because Melissa forgot that he was at her parent’s house for 40 minutes

Its one of those conversations where we go back and forth to make each other laugh. So there’s a bunch of laughing.

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