2: Stop Pushing My Buttons

My friend of 18 years Ricky Vorias joins me to discuss music, politics and other things as we go from deep conversations to debates with the goal of annoying me. He succeeds so I annoy him with random facts about the band Queen.  

Here is a breakdown of the conversations:

Pick up the conversation in progress – start

Friends with benefits in your 30s – 5m10s

Noise Complaints past midnight 10m30s

Complaining about the process of making music – 13m50s

Music is business, not for the love of music – 18m20s

Requirements for holding political office – 22m25s

Civil War – 25m20s

Failed attempt to play a music game – 27m30s

Stranger Things (minor spoiler alert) – 29m00s

Shows to watch, Things to Listen to – 31m04s

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