Wix and Vibes Luxury Candles Teams up with Staffon Eugene for the Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Box Set Curating a Unique Gift for an Unforgettable Experience

Valentine's Day Love Gift Candles

Just a reminder for the romantics out there: Valentine’s Day is next week on February 14.

By day, Melvin Johnson is risk advisor for a commercial insurance company based in Houston, Texas. By night, he is a fragrance connoisseur and founder of Wix and Vibes, a luxury candle company for men.

Johnson’s foray into the world of candles began in 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the lives of millions of people around the world in unprecedented ways, Johnson — like many others — found solace in self-care. The world had been turned upside down and people were riddled with stress, anxiety, and grief. To cope, many sought comfort in the little joys of self-care during their quarantine and found a renewed sense of wellbeing and calm in the warm, lambent glow of candles.

It was this light during a dark time that ignited Johnson’s entrepreneurial spirit. A self-taught candlemaker, Johnson watched countless DIY videos on YouTube to learn the science behind candle making and started experimenting with different formulations of scents.

Inspired by his love for fashion and fragrance, Johnson’s signature line of luxury candles is designed with the modern man in mind. Indulge in the irresistibly seductive aromas of each candle to enhance the mood in any room.

Contact: support@wixandvibes.com

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