20: Hollywood Controversies and Cancelations Throughout the Years

Melissa and I talk showbiz offenses and the rules that have changed since the 2000s.

Comedy can be hard to defend for some, but for us, it is all about context.You can’t cancel ALL the moments in pop culture that are definitely offensive today, but a movie from 2008 versus a movie released in 2023 has so many more rules to avoid the public backlash that could result in boycotts, apologies and broken endorsements. Some can be defended, others… definitely not.But as long as people learn and accept the changes to the rules in pop culture, we will be ok.

Watch the video version here!

We talk about:

Emma Stone’s Role in Aloha

SNL Weekend Update

Michael Che’s Intern Joke

Tropic Thunder

White Chicks

Wedding Planner

Australian Influencer’s childhood animal cruelty

Chris Pratt Meme

Friends episode with Joey’s tailor

Mr. Roger’s farts

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