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Hi! I’m Bella Mars and I’m the creator of Big Time Fresh, an entertainment and pop culture blog syndicated with  Microsoft Edge, Windows, MSN, and Microsoft Start and their 1M+ daily active users. I write stories, experiences, opinions and news – full of the data and sources to back it up. My goal is to bring interesting content based on facts layered with opinions.

The Big Time Fresh podcast features conversations with co-hosts from the funny and motivational sides of life.

Podcast Hosts and Guests

Bella Mars

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Bella is the founder of Big Time Fresh, host of the Big Time Fresh podcast, data nerd, music industry publicist, mom and super fan of Big Time Rush which inspired the name of this whole thing. She is a Marvel girl who laughs at everything, former emo kid, writer and a lover of all things music. Bella is well versed in politics, pop culture, current events, dark humor and heavy sarcasm...and is still in the process of growing thicker skin.

Militia Tea

Melissa Profile Pic About
Feminist/humanitarian/ former hospice care provider/student/ teacher/ healer/ vocalist/ mom/ truth seeker / professional idiot for at least 30 years. Militia Tee is a music maker and a dreamer of dreams. She’s dabbled in whatever arts have caught her fancy and kept that fire burning in her belly. A big fan of potty humor as well as high brow, she just wants to keep laughing until she’s dead. She’s also from New Jersey; take that how it resonates with you… pal.

JP Slocum

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A philosopher with a heart of gold. He is a silver lining seeker , believing that positivity begets positivity. His Father was a musician & his mother is music lover. Being exposed to a variety of sounds growing up, he enjoys all genres of music. A happy husband & father or two, he views life as short & beautiful. When it comes to life, relationships, parenting, or politics. He can be insightful, profound, or completely ridiculous. Give him a topic, he'll have something to say.

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