Big Time Rush Brings “Another Life” On The “Can’t Get Enough” Tour

Big Time Rush

Not even the hot summer heat could keep Big Time Rush fans away from the Houston tour stop to see Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos live in concert for their “Can’t Get Enough” tour. After the solid success of last year’s “Forever Tour”, the uphill battle of a transition from Nickelodeon TV show stars to successful independent touring singer/songwriters is working. And perhaps most notably, the fans were the ones who proved that Big Time Rush was ready to embark on their second headlining tour.

New Tour, New Album

After nearly 10 years, 2022 was the first full year of all things Big Time Rush as they tested the appetite of the fans and their reception of the singles that were released and performed during the “Forever Tour” including “Call it Like I See It”, “Not Giving You Up”, “Fall”, “Honey”, and “Dale Pa Ya”. I was really looking forward to hearing those songs, but I’ll settle for the memories from the “Forever Tour” and the music videos.

Big Time Rush Can't Get Enough Tour Setlist

This year’s tour promoted the new album, “Another Life” released on June 2, 2023. Six songs from the new album were performed, including “Can’t Get Enough” and “Waves” – two tracks from the album that have music videos out now.

Big Time Rush – Waves (Official Music Video)

Many of the other songs from “Another Life” (including “Party all the Time”) were scattered throughout the set list, but the rest of the concert pulled from the back catalog of the Big Time Rush classics.

The Big Time Rush fans have their own name

Just like the Taylor Swift fans (Swifties), and Beyonce fans (the Beyhive) Big Time Rush fans have their own name: Rushers. When was the last time there was a concert appealing to new fans under 15, Gen Z fans who are now in their 20s who grew up watching the show, and Millennials with kids who are discovering the TV show for the first time? The older songs were received with warm and nostalgic enthusiasm from the crowd of over 15,000 fans who could be seen singing along with the songs.

Taylor Swift and Beyonce
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Big Time Rush Behind-the-Scenes Content

But what Big Time Rush brings that many other artists don’t is their focus on keeping behind-the-scenes content updated. On their YouTube channel, you can see just how committed they are to consistently releasing unique content inspired by the fans. Carlos has been doing a vlog with his family called “La Vida PenaVega” for years before Big Time Rush reunited a few years ago, and he continues to chronicle his personal journey with his family on tour along for the ride.

Episode 1- The boys embark on The Forever Tour

Although the Nickelodeon show is arguably their legacy, Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos are proving that they are moving on with “Another Life” with the support of their forever Rushers that will follow and support their new journey while keeping their childhood memories of their show alive in their hearts forever.

Big Time Rush Cant Get Enough Tour Big Time Rush Brings "Another Life" On The "Can't Get Enough" Tour

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