Big Time Rush Brings Eddie Murphy’s 1985 Hit “Party All the Time” To Their New Album, “Another Life”

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Boy Band Big Time Rush just dropped a ten-track album called Another Life, featuring all new songs as the Big Time Rush TV show era of the band is starting to fade further away in their rearview mirror. With updated styles in their current-day music, Big Time Rush brought a throwback jam that Gen X and Elder Millennials should remember. The band is paying homage to the 1985 song “Party All the Time” performed by one of the biggest actors and legendary comedians in Hollywood, Eddie Murphy. The song is completely different from the original, but the infamous hook “I just want to party all the time” remains intact.

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Eddie Murphy – “Party All the Time”, Cover

I Just Want To (Party All the Time)” by Big Time Rush is a mix of familiar sounds with new lyrics and has the same BPM (135 beats per minute) as Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time”, so the two have the same pacing. The themes of the songs are almost completely opposite. Big Time Rush’s version is about the band members partying all the time. Eddie Murphy’s version is about a girl who is breaking his heart because all she wants to do is party all the time while he showers her with roses and diamonds. Big Time Rush adds a little 80s flare with a saxophone solo embedded in their song. The first verse (starting around 15 seconds on “I Just Want To (Party All the Time)” has a recognizable style of a simple bassline and drum cadence like in this part of “Circles” by Post Malone (starting around 20 seconds).

2023 vs. 1985

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It might come as a surprise to the younger generations that Eddie Murphy dabbled in music. When “Party All the Time” was released in 1985, Eddie was at the peak of his fame and popularity in Hollywood with his stand-up specials, Saturday Night Live appearances, his Grammy win for Best Comedy Album in 1984 and a successful season of Beverly Hills Cop. Toying with the idea of recording a few singles, it has been speculated that fellow comedian and trailblazer Richard Pryor bet Eddie Murphy $100,000 that he can’t create a hit song. Although “Party All the Time” was born with mixed reviews by critics, the fans say otherwise as the song has been called “timeless nostalgia” today and hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985. With the talented Rick James as the producer for the track, it was a losing bet from the start for Richard Pryor.

Big Time Rush’s Upcoming “Can’t Get Enough” Summer Tour 

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Big Time Rush is getting ready to embark on their “Can’t Get Enough” summer tour, dropping a 10-track album called Another Life – the first full-length independent release in 10 years for the band. Last year’s “Forever Tour” was hugely successful, leaning on their greatest hits with just a few new singles resulting in sold-out shows. It will be interesting to see the enthusiasm in the crowd for the songs on the new album that they will perform this time around and could be a predictor of whether their success has been held up by the greatest hits from the super popular Big Time Rush TV show on Nickelodeon or if the fans are ready to evolve with them and are true die-hard fans of Big Time Rush 2.0.

Big Time Rush Tour

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So to the fellow Rushers out there, what do you think of the new album?

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