I Love Big Time Rush

I’m the elder Millennial. My daughter is the younger Gen Alpha. Neither of our generations grew up with Big Time Rush. But we are just as obsessed as the Gen Z kids who grew up with them.

Forever Summer Tour 2022

The show, the characters and the music will all be covered in this ongoing topic series of my blog here, with support from my 8 year old as the Forever Summer Tour 2022 hits the road soon and we countdown the days until our tour stop.

How it Started

My daughter asked me one day after school if she could put on Big Time Rush on Netflix. She said I would like it but I definitely did not think a Nickelodeon show from 2009-2013 would be something I would get into in my 30s. I gave it a shot, and it was game over. Since then we learned all the songs and can match them with the episodes. Super-fans for real. Big Time Rush played non-stop on our way to and from school and literally anywhere else.

The premise of the show is four boys from Minnesota land an audition for James, the one who wants to be famous. Kendall, Carlos and Logan came along for the ride. They were working as actors in the TV show and singers in a boy band, which is literally two full time jobs. Their charming and lovable personalities made it a fun show that I could watch with my 10 year old, and I was drawn to the nostalgia of my generations obsession with NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.

So I decided it was worth it to go “all out” for their concert. I bought tickets to the Houston show where we will be sitting in the fourth row and going as a VIP to meet and greet Big Time Rush. Its a scenario where we know the characters on a show and the singers on stage, but now we are breaking down that fourth wall to meet the people who are actors. Multiverse.

There will be more on Big Time Rush later….

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