ILLfest 2019: One Day, Massive Sounds + Four Stages

On May 25th, ILLfest took over Austin, Texas with GhastlySeven Lions and an amazing lineup of producers across four stages.  New name and new venue, ILLfest 2019 keeping the vibes from the two ILLectric Rivers that put the festival on the map.

The Good Vibes stage was one of the two main stages in a warehouse type building the size of a basketball arena.  This stage hosted a B2B with Tynan and Kompany along with other producers including Luca LushRiot Ten and Blanke.   With the crazy visuals and his bass heavy tracks, Blanke’s one hour set was one of the best of the night at this year’s ILLfest. The Australian producer has been in the scene since 2016, and in the three years since entering the scene Blanke has performed his DJ sets at Ultra Miami, EDC, Coachella and other big festivals internationally.  If you go to see Blanke, be prepared to be surrounded by headbangers that is, if you are not one yourself.

Tynan B2B Kompany at ILLfest
Blanke in Texas



Next, the focus shifted to the ILLevated stage, which was outside and on the opposite end of the festival grounds.  This stage is where Seven Lions would close out the festival later that night. The hot Texas sun finally started to fade and the weather was perfect for Deorro’s one hour set, followed by a Gramatik set with his homie Adam Stehr on the guitar for a future funk dance party.

With three favorite artists on the wish list to see, the trek back to the  Good Vibes stage was well worth it to see the end of Riot Ten’s set and the beginning of Ghastly.  Riot Ten’s neck-breaking bangers were packed into his set and he went hard to the end. After watching Ghastly open his set to the thousands in the crowd, it was time to head back to the ILLevated stage to the see Seven Lions.  Looking around in the crowd, there were hugs, tears and smiles on the faces of the thousands of fans spreading love to their neighbors. Super fans know that seeing a Seven Lions show is not just a DJ set, but an experience that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

Saratonin and Zinnia were recently interviewed by iWantEDM
Art ILLFEST 2019 festival in Texas

ILLfest 2019 is now in the books, closing the chapter of ILLectric River as the name of the festival, but left the vibes just as chill and fun as they are known for having.  Now that the festival is heading into its fourth year in existence, it is safe to say that you can count on the lineup being awesome every year and you can look forward to the festival being a staple in the Texas EDM community for years to come.

Art ILLFEST 2019 festival in Texas
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