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Melissa and I discuss a selection of Tinder profiles and bust some myths on the quality of the bios.

Tinder verification: real or fake?
Constructive criticism of selected profiles
Suggestions for edits to improve guys profiles
Common themes across men’s profiles
Random tangent: Zombie Squad role in a post-apocalyptic world

Three friends who got married in their early 20s discuss their current stages of divorce and have a deep conversation about the emotions – from guilt to strength to empathy. JP’s cousin Roberta (a soon-to-be divorced single mom) joins Bella (a divorced for 5 years working single mom) and JP (a remarried dad) on a deep dive into how we feel about life today, what we would do differently, and what divorce feels like for the other person in the relationship. You can also listen to the full conversation on the Big Time Fresh podcast from your favorite streaming service on! #relationships #relationship #divorce #relationshipadvice #marriageadvice #weddings   

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Call it fate, a coincidence or pure luck, the collaboration between Phillip Good and John Stella on their new track “Simon Says” was the driving force that landed the track on #88 on the top #100 new releases on Apple Music. Understanding the importance of how to promote their music, networking and their consistency creating content is what will be what takes them to the top. Check out the track here! Listen to “Simon Says”: Read the featured article here:

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