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Shh…Did You Hear That?!

Hello and welcome to a bonus episode on Big Time Fresh called Shh… Did you hear that?!hosted by Emma Succubus, Demonatrix, and Horror Hound. We are three horror, spooky, creepy crawly,supernatural, oddities, and true crime enthusiasts that met one day and decided “Let’s talk about what we love!”.Nobody here claims to be an expert in said things, but we make up for it in excitement and swear words!

In this episode, we go through 4 horror movies from 2023 that we felt are noteworthy and definitely worth discussing! We may veer off track at time or discuss topics you find boring. If that’s not for you, tell us what YOU would like to hear at:boo@bigtimefresh.com. Thank you for listening, supporting strong women, and please follow, like, and subscribe wherever you find us!

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