Dave Chappelle Hosts SNL With Some of His Most Beloved Characters of All Time

Dave Chappelle hosted SNL this weekend with musical guest Black Star. The cancel culture police are already on a roll with this one, but as a reminder, it’s a comedy show. But if you are a Chappelle Show fan, this episode is a must watch. 

Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue – SNL

With so much political chaos in the world, there was plenty of material for Dave’s stand-up heavy SNL episodes. He is one of the few hosts that seems to have been granted a strong hold on the creative control for their episode.  He called out that he wasn’t going to be in the particular skit because he was too getting old and played it off as someone else on the cast will be filling in (which ended up being part of the bit throughout the episode).  But in reality, knowing how Chappelle is all about supporting up-and-coming comedians, he likely wanted to give the opportunity to the new cast members to get as much screen time as possible to be the stars of their own skits. Well that and he is getting old and can do whatever he wants.

If you are a Chappelle Show fan, make sure you checkout the stand-up monologue, followed by the parody of the SNL parody of House of the Dragon. And SPOILER ALERT: Prepare for the long waited yet brief return of  Player Hater of the Year 2002 Silky Johnson, Tyrone Biggums, and the infamous portrayal of Rick James.

House of the Dragon – SNL

I liked the episode. There are always offensive jokes. But comedy comes in many forms, so if this isn’t your speed that’s totally ok. But don’t ruin it for everyone just because you don’t like it.

What did you think of the episode?

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