The Movie Gap Podcast Presents: Ocean’s 13

Ocean's 13

You know those people who don’t watch movies so you have to explain the entire thing to have a conversation? Welcome to the Movie Gap podcast, where hosts Chase and Bryce discuss a classic movie that Bryce has just seen for the first time. This week, that move is Ocean’s 13.

Each week, Chase and Bryce invite a guest to participate in the conversation where they break down a movie and discuss the nuances of the film while making top-notch jokes. After the discussion, they recast the movie with other actors that would be also a good fit for the part. It’s safe to say that they have tons of episodes about the best movies ever made.

Ocean’s 13

The Movie Gap podcast has been dropping weekly episodes since 2018 so finding a classic movie that Bryce hasn’t seen yet is a tough task. But when Bella Mars came to be on the podcast she opened the door to the Ocean’s movies. In Bella’s first guest appearance on The Move Gap, she kicked off the Ocean’s trilogy discussions with Ocean’s 11. The trio has been reunited for this episode to discuss another movie from the Ocean’s trilogy skipping Ocean’s 12 and going straight to Ocean’s 13.

Ocean’s 13 is one of those standalone movies where it is best to position the movie as a “take it as it is” flick to immerse yourself in and just go with it. Needless to say, some tasks are completely illogical that the 13 members must complete flawlessly which is unrealistic for anyone no matter how experienced they may be.

“You shook Sinatra’s hand. You should know better.” – GEORGE CLOONEY – Danny Ocean

The Ocean’s movies tend to be a love-it-or-hate-it franchise, so there was no telling of what Bryce would think of this one. You can check out the full episode and listen for yourself, and see whose point of view you agree with the most.

Check out the episode below (Click on the Image):

Movie Gap Podcast
You Shook Sinatra Hand: Ocean’s 13

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