TikToker Phillip Good and Rockstar John Stella Make the List

Call it fate, a coincidence or pure luck, the collaboration between Phillip Good and John Stella on their new track “Simon Says” was the driving force that landed the track on #88 on the top #100 new releases on Apple Music. Understanding the importance of how to promote their music, networking and their consistency creating content is what will be what takes them to the top.

Check out the track here!

Listen to “Simon Says”

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Phillip Good

TikTok: Phillip Good has over 715K followers on TikTok, making his way into music with his daughter featured in many of his most viral videos.

Phillipgood.com for merch, show dates and more

Phillip Good: Facebook

Phillip Good: Instagram

John Stella

John Stella – Facebook

John Stella: Instagram

TikTok: @_johnstella


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