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BTF 512Artboard 1 CLIP: F/Marry/Vote - Presidential Edition

CLIP: F/Marry/Vote – Presidential Edition

Here’s a little clip from the upcoming video episode!

You know the game. But we switched it up to avoid a visit from the FBI and used “vote” as the third option. We had a few scenarios to discuss, but the “tangent of the day” was Obama which took us down the rabbit hole to react to some SNL and Boyz II Men music videos.

Audio podcast is up now on all the platforms.

maxresdefault 95 PODCAST EPISODE: Bye Bye Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon

PODCAST EPISODE: Bye Bye Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon

Within hours, two of the biggest on-air personalities were let go after a long tenure in their respective newscaster careers. Tucker Carlson and Fox News were reported to have a mutual breakup while Don Lemon stated that it was his agent who delivered the news. They were both let go. One was mutual, the other not so much. So let’s compare the news websites to see what each one is saying about the whole mess.

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